Devean turns 9 months!  

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First of all, this post was 2 day late.. Well it was actually 1 day late but I finish drafting after midnight so... Let's just say motherhood laziness is getting into me LOL!

Motherhood for me have been very tough, for a person who really hate kids before and who isn't very patience, it was HELL! Although having Devean did changed alot of my prospective. I sees alot of mother enjoying their motherhood but it just didn't quite turn out that way for me sadly, alot of this I account to my "can't be help" current situation which I can't and will not share. Devean has been more and more grumpy, very clingy and cries alot. Unless he sleeps, I pretty can't leave his side. Balancing work, business, family, love, friends, baby and the mister sometimes I feels like a ticking bomb. However through all this, I grew even stronger (than I already am VERY). I am in some part of me really glad to have my boy, don't get me wrong.

Now back to my baby boy..
Devean had turned 9 months! My baby boy is as usual growing very well, maybe a little too well(as shown on the image above).. Although there isn't any major milestones achieved this month, but with the progress he's making I believe he will probably starts to walk the next coming month.

First Teeth

Remember how I was worrying about my baby boy not yet sprouting any pearlie whites on the last post, the very next day my baby boy smiles and there it was two shiny and so very cute tooth. Before he sprout tooth or teeth or whatever, I was so worry about how it might affect his cute smile as that is by far his best trait(same as his daddy thou I'm starting to hate on those) but luckily his teeth only add on to his charm! I got such a handsome boy, I can cry now..

First Unassisted Standing

When Devean almost turns 8mths, he started to stay standing without holding on to anything. He sometimes lean against things but most of the times he doesn't need any support to stay standing, he can even tip toe while standing not holding/leaning to anything and then eventually he will try to take a step and that's where he wobbled and fell. Haha! My brother always ask him if he's drunk LOL!

First High Chair

I don't mean it's his first time sitting on high chairs, he done that since 5 month old on high chairs outside in restaurants.. I mean I just brought him his first high chair, ya I know right.. slow.. no choice baby need so many things where got so many money buy I also not print money one.

Then I went on a spree and brought the cheap cheap probably the most SOLD baby chair in the world, the Ikea High Chair, to put at my mother place essentially for CNY reunion dinner and for my mother to use when Devean is going to stay there while me and the mister go to Taiwan.

Sitting Up From Lying Position

Devean is now able to sit up directly from a lying position without having to turn to one side or transit from crawling position, although he don't always is able to do it if he is lying flat down but if he is lying in a somewhat inclined position he can usually manage it. Is this boy strong or what?

First Chinese New Year

My boy experience his first Chinese New Year and guess he old enough to enjoy it fairly. He got his first few hong bao from the ah ma, daddy and myself and he actually sort of seem to knows it's money as he is so attached to them that when I wanted to keep it away from him, he gets angry and starts wailing refusing to let me take away his hong bao or "money". Don't worry ok, mommy will just save it.

First Firework

By right, Devean would had witnessed his very first firework on New Year 2015 but he fell asleep. So he ends up witnessing River Hong Bao's CNY fireworks as his first which in my opinion is much better as River Hong Bao's one is much nearer and bigger and extravagant.

Reaching For Every & Anything On Table Tops

Babyzilla has advanced! Since he has grew taller and has mastered the art of tiptoe, he constantly reach for everything on the table top, counter top, cabinet top... as long as he can reach, he pulls! He had toppled the steamer(luckily not the part with water), the milk powder can(luckily that can going to finish liao left very little powder in it so it's light), bags, books, daddy shoes, mummy's bras(true story.jpg) etc etc etc. I just can't take my eyes off him, I guess I'll just have to upgrade my superwoman power a few level higher to keep up with him.

First Self Assisted Walking

In this post, when Devean was 7mths plus he had managed to walk assisted by holding on to his pram and me pulling along. Now he can walk assisted all by his own and for very long distance. He will pull himself to standing position on his pink chair then start pushing forward and following along walking. He couldn't control his speed of pushing the chair so he actually push very fast but still manages to walk along without falling much. I couldn't capture one of those that he walked longer distance but he really do walk man. I believe he probably will walk unassisted before he reach 1 year old.

That's all that Devean achieved when he is 8 months plus, I have high hopes on you boy.
Mommy and Daddy (especially daddy) will miss u loads when we in Taiwan shooting our wedding photos.

Devean turns 8 months!  

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Devean turned 8 months!!

I guess the biggest happening this month is that I decided to leave Devean's father and be a single mother. I'm not going to go into details, I'm just gonna say that it'll no doubt be the best decision to ensure both me and baby's best interest and future. Anyway, it's a done deal, no turning back.. Although I'm 100% sure I'll never regret it!

Moving on to Baby achievements on his 7th month.. He didn't marked any impressive milestones off the chart yet, He still couldn't walk unassisted and couldn't talk but other than that he pretty much does anything else.

First Christmas & First Local Staycation

On Christmas Eve was when Devean turned exactly 7mths, it's the first xmas for Devean and we went for a short staycation at Ritz Carlton which is also Devean first local staycation experience. It's awesome that Devean experience his first staycation at Ritz Carlton as it's mommy favourite hotel in Singapore thus far!

First Time Falling Ill

A few days before Christmas Devean fell ill for the first time, luckily wasn't anything serious just a minor running nose so it didn't stopped our xmas plans. Devean's energy level was still at his usual high so we went ahead with our Ritz Carlton staycation.

Increased Destruction Level

Well it actually started when he was 6mths, when he mastered crawling and then pull to stand/sit, his destruction level also shot up! Initially we didn't get a playpen of any sort to confine him, he pretty much roam around the house freely and then it get way out of control! He goes EVERYWHERE! He even play hide and seek with me, he pulls and tears apart everything, he chew on anything he can get his hands onto and yes that included electrical appliance, wires, plugs... all the dangerous stuffs! For a short while, I pretty much have to keep him in my sight 24hrs/7 when he's awake! Anyway now he's already confine in a huge play area caged!

Trying to chew on my bag..

Oops! Mommy caught me!

Destroy the house first before going out...

First New Year

On top of Christmas, Devean also spent his first new year with us at the KSL hotel although he missed his first firework because he was sleeping. Hopefully next year or somewhere this year, he will get to see his first firework.

Assisted Walking

Devean took his first steps while pushing his own pram, he could also walk a few steps with me holding onto both his hands. A few days ago, he even tried standing unassisted. He will hold onto something and pull to standing position and then steady himself then let go, he can stand for a few seconds before falling. Planning to get a walker for him now, aiming to get him walking before 9mths!! Haha!

Separation Anxiety

Devean didn't develop signs of separation anxiety until recently, for a moment I tot it's because since young he was exposed to alot of strangers and he is also being rotated between multiple caregivers thus increasing his acceptance for strangers. He always have no problem interacting with strangers, he will smile and let them carry and play with them like he do to us. Then suddenly he become more and more attached, at first I tot it was just his usual "desired to be carry" thing going on which he has it since birth but then he started to reject stranger's carrys. He still like to smiles and make friend with stranger alot but he do not want to be carried by them. Sometimes he will refuse to leave my mother or my arms, other times he will start crying when hand over to people other than me and my mother(that includes my other family members, which he grows up with). Sometime when he is in good mood, he will allow other people to carry him only for short while before wanting to return to my arms or crying. I'm secretly happy and feels a sense of achievement that my baby love me so much lol. Thou I suspect he love my mother more, because his separation anxiety is higher when with my mother than compare to when he is with me. *SAD*


Devean is already 8 months and he haven't got any teeth yet and I do not see any white on the gums suggesting that his teeth is coming out... Anyone knows if it's like abit late cause I heard some baby 4mth already got teeth liao 0.0

However he do drools alot and chews alot and as usual very cranky and also he experiments with funny kissing like sounds which are all signs of teething, actually he started this signs very early on when he was 5mths or earlier but until now still no teeth. Why ar? Experienced parents please share your experiences...

Well, that's about concludes Devean 7th months. From now on, going may get even tougher and my parenthood might be more challenging but I know I'll have no problem coping and Devean will blossom better. Looking forward to baby turning 9mths and hopefully baby can walk and call "MaMa" by then. Hee =)

Devean (1-6months)  

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I lost my iphone some time back so I lost pretty much all photos of Devean 5mths and below.. All I have left are those I did upload to Facebook. I too didn't record Devean achieved milestones in any form so I will recap purely on my super unreliable memory(you know how they say giving birth takes away your memory power, that's me). Devean is a very fast and keen learner especially in the gross motor department. Before he even turns 7 mths, he had achieved most milestones except for walking(assisted/unassisted, walker do not count) and talking.

1 Month/Full Moon

Impressive Growth
This photo was taken exactly when Devean was one month old and I bet you cannot believe that this chubby little baby was born at a mere 2.5kg. In one month he went from 2.505kg to 4.1kg!! The most unbelievable is that his height/length only increased by 3cm... Poor baby, genes of tiny parent shows right off the birth but both daddy and mommy no fat lei... why you so fat er.... chubby?

Cries Alot!
Not that he don't cry alot now, he STILL DOES.
I still remember how I nearly got post natal depression, you'll expect baby to cry quite a bit but Devean is a whole new generation of power house. He had to be carried almost 24 hours, when he is awake he had to be carried. Even when he fell asleep, the moment you put him down he started crying.

Although Devean loves to cry alot, he still started smiling when facing us or when we smile at him. He also could respond to us by turning towards us when we make sounds.

This photo was taken when he is going 2mths, as you can see his cuteness is already overloading especially with the round round tummy of his.

2 Months

Well, Devean mastered the art of driving when he turned 2 months!! Just Kidding

This month, Devean experieced many of his first.. as we celebrated his arrival to this world with lots of love!

So many time, we suspect Devean is not born in the Year of Horse but rather in the Year of Snake. As my mother always says "象虫一样" Devean just wiggle/glide/move too much! No wonder he is so hyperactive now!! I can only imagine my nightmare when he learns to walk unassisted.

Sitting (Cheat One!)
My little boy developed his back fairly well and quick as you can see at 2 months he could sit up leaning on something and could also hold his head for a few seconds (barely thou).

Devean had his virgin swimming experience at a baby spa. He really loves it, even now we still let him swim in bath tub from time to time. Watch the video here:

First Oversea Trip
When Devean just turned 1 month, we went to apply for his passport and when he is only 2.5 months, he got his first chop. We drove into Malacca for a weekend stay as Devean was still too young for planes.

Baby also started to get noisy when he turned 2 month, he will respond to us talking by blabbering "ah" "woo" "oo" "ha" "ee"... Although I'm really proud of him starting to communicate from so young but on the less positive side he just gets more and more noisy because on top of crying he also mix blabbering in.

Watch him blabber in Malacca:

Devean enjoys smiling and even started to laugh out loud. There's a few things he love alot - blowing at his face, strawberry, tickle, bunny cartoon... These few never fail to trigger his LOL.

3 Months

Because Devean had achieved most of his milestones during his Month 2 therefore when he turned 3 months old I don't remember he achieving major milestones mostly just improving on skills that he already acquired on his Month 2. He can sit even better with support and could hold his head well when carried. He also started loving interaction with humans more and more, love going out and love smiling(and also crying =.=).

Tummy Time
His tummy time also increases as he has better control of his neck and back and could hold his head up for long period of time. He even started to move his hands and feet wiggling showing desire to crawl.

4 Months

Holding Milk Bottle
After Devean turns 4 months, he started to be able to hold his own milk bottle and self feeding himself milk.
Watch Devean self fed himself:

Devean started to flip from back to stomach when he was approaching month 4 and near the end of month 4 he mastered flipping from stomach to back too.

This was when he was able to flip from back to stomach. Also his control of his head, neck and back is obviously much stronger as he could hold his head up 90 degree.

Starting Solids
Although the recommended age to start solid is 6 months but i do read and heard alot of professional advice/studies that for baby who are not breast fed or didn't breast fed much to start solid earlier(Devean was breast and formula fed half half for less than 2 months), as early as 4 month, to strengthen immune system preventing allergies. So I started him on a small amount of solid when he turned 4 months, mainly fruits and brown rice cereals.

Pram Transition

Due to Devean speedy growth, we had to move him from the egg car seat attachment(for 6mths & below) to the reclining seat as he just no longer can fits in the egg. Luckily he could hold his neck and sit with support very well. It's also in time for his oversea flight next month so we have lesser things to check in.

5 Months

First Flight
Devean took his first flight to destination Bali on the day he turned 5 months. He was very well behaved on the way there but was a disaster on the way back, crying throughout the flight. All the surrounding passengers must had been staring at us with killer caption going on in their minds.

Crawling (Cheat One)
Devean also begins to "crawl"/move around by sort of army crawling/propelling/skating across without lifting his tummy yet. This is also when he exposes himself to more danger and more fall =(

Hugging Legs

Baby also developed a love of hugging his own legs all the times and most of the times even chewing on his toes =.="

Self Sitting
Baby was able to sit by himself with support of his own hands without leaning on anything.

6 Months

Devean's 6th month was a very exciting one as he accomplish most of his gross motor skill milestones!


He started by lifting his tummy and moving back and fro as if riding a horse..

Then in a week, he was able to lift his tummy off the ground completely and straighten his legs...

He begins with short intervals of crawling..

then advanced to being an crawling expert!!

Sitting Up
Didn't have any photo to show, but in some video you can see that Devean can move from crawling to sitting and also is able to sit alone for long period of time with no support at all.

Pull To Stand Up

On the same day after Devean successfully attempted sitting up, he then move on to attempt standing up holding onto a chair. Devean really have a very strong legs as you can see in the video below he stood very well and steady for a first timer.

Variety Of Solids
When Devean turned 6 months, I started to introduce more and more variety of solid foods into his daily meals. Usually I'll introduce a new item and observe for 3-5 days before introducing another. Luckily my baby is a wonderful eater, he eats anything and everything, no picky eater here but he likes to be fed fast so sometimes he complains alot during feeding if he don't get his food fast enough. So far he doesn't have any allergic reactions to any foods.

Well, this about concludes Devean's 1st-6th months. Devean will be turning 8 months old in a few days, I'll post what he achieved on his 7th months in another post when he turns 8 months. For now Ciao~